Endpoint Lockdown & Data Retrieval

Take Full Remote Control of Compromised Endpoints.

Includes remote lockdown, activity monitoring and geo-location


Remote Incidence Response Software


Files on a stolen or compromised computer are usually much more valuable than the machine itself. InterGuard lets you remotely access and lockdown lost, stolen or compromised PCs and Macs, then delete or retrieve any files or folders that you select. Additionally, real-time geolocation tracking offers tools to locate lost or stolen laptop.


What makes InterGuard Web Filtering Software Unique?

Works On and Off Network

Deployed at the endpoint, InterGuard works whether your employees on their computers from the office or from home.


No network or appliance required

Ideal for remote employees

Get Full Remote Control over Compromised Endpoints, including:

Geolocate Laptop

Real-time laptop tracking that is more accurate than GPS. Other tools attempt to locate computers via an IP address, which is time-consuming and requires a warrant

Retrieve & Delete Files

Remotely access the computer and retrieve or delete any files or folders from a compromised workstation

Block OS from Rebooting

Lock down a stolen laptop or prevent a employee from accessing the computer while investigating suspicious employee behavior

Full Compatibility

InterGuard is compatible with the following devices and operating systems (both 32 and 64 bit)



Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7



MacOS 10.7 - 10.14


Our Cloud, Your Cloud or On-Prem


We Host


Simply download licenses remotely over your network to work stations using our NetDeploy tool, which integrates with your Active Directory. Leverage our cloud infrastructure to make settings and view reports. No need to buy or setup any hardware.


You Host


You may also decide to host your own web filtering data. To do so, you only need an SQL Server (Standard or Enterprise) and an existing Windows Server. We will provide you with an installer that creates a database instance for InterGuard.